In 1979, Yale University's premiere senior male a cappella group, the Whiffenpoofs, went on a world tour. When they left, there were two amongst them who had experienced the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit working through their prayers and testimonies, three other Whiffs became followers of Christ during the tour. Upon returning to Yale, these believers desired to use a cappella music to tell others of the joy and love they had found in Christ. What began as a "wouldn't it be wild..." idea became reality as they got together with other believers to form Living Water in the fall of 1979. 

Living Water sang our first songs in the Fall Jamboree in Berkeley Residential College. The Holy Spirit moved mightily throughout Yale that year, and many came to know Christ as the only One who can provide true living water, which is joy and life that comes from having a relationship with Him. Since then, Living Water has ministered to Yale campus and wherever our travels take us. We sing for whoever will listen: in schools, prisons, homeless shelters, nursing homes, churches, and on street corners. We pray that this ministry will continue to grow in Christ and bring more people to know the love and salvation that is in Jesus Christ.